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GIVE yourself a treat over the Chinese New Year holidays and read the latest MR MIDNIGHT and MR MYSTERY books. There are two books — MR MIDNIGHT LUNAR NEW YEAR SPECIAL EDITION SE#25 and MR MYSTERY #29. Join millions from all over Asia who love the James Lee books. And don’t forget to buy the books missing from your Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery collections.

Mr Midnight Lunar New Year Special Edition SE#25

James Lee

There’s A Monster In My Mandarin!

EVERY Lunar New Year, Arabella Ang loves eating mandarin oranges — but what happens when she finds monsters inside them? Suddenly she and her friends Brianna Boey and Flynn Ho are plunged into one horror after another. Where are the haunted mandarins coming from? And what terrifying power is behind them? Make sure you have the luckiest book in town — THERE’S A MONSTER IN MY MANDARIN — only from Mr Midnight!


Mr Mystery #29

James Lee

The Mystery Of  The Poisoned Professor

WHO murdered Professor Phua? Was it his young assistant? Or was the professor the victim of a killer in search of ancient Egyptian relics? When a young man begs Alvin to prove his innocence, Soh & Co are plunged into one of their most mysterious cases. Confusing clues, curious twists and turns, thwart them at every step. Who tried to attack Wei Ling? Will the killer strike again? And where are the missing relics?

Memories of Chin Swee Road

MARK TAN, author of China Roots, continues telling stories of old Singapore...

Memories Of Chin Swee Road

Mark Tan

THIS book takes a look back at life in the 1950s and 1960s in the Chin Swee Road enclave. The author recounts the many characters in the drama that unfolded in this neighbourhood, set against the backdrop of a rapidly modernizing Singapore. With the help of sketches and maps drawn from memory, the author’s detailed narrative of street life is a contribution to the continuing Singapore story. These vignettes will jog memories of older readers, and hopefully more will be inspired to tell their own stories for the record. For youngsters, this book is a window to bygone days. Young or old, we all need answers to perennial questions about our sense of belonging and our roots. Memories of Chin Swee Road aims to help in this quest.



Mark Tan

OSCAR was a Eurasian who was born in Singapore in 1917, and this story follows his antics as a youth without much benefit of adult supervision. He later encounters life, as many will never experience, when a country is at war. It includes his stint as a gaoler in Outram Prison overseeing prisoners facing torture and death during the Japanese occupation. This dispassionate but detailed account conveys the comedy of life amidst the immediacy of terror during those years. It is a story of friendships, relationships and human frailties under intense stress. Oscar’s story, retold from a unique perspective, provides graphic lessons of an almost forgotten past. It is also a chapter of the Singapore story narrative.


MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year! These new Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery books are specially for the holiday season. The year-end holidays are the best time to add those missing titles that will complete your JAMES LEE collection!

Mr Midnight Christmas Special Edition SE#24

James Lee

The Night Of The Sinister Santa

WHEN Onyx Tan and his friend Kain Kong stay up all night to see Santa bring their presents, everything goes wrong! The Santa they see isn’t the Santa they expected. Yes, he wears a red suit and has a white beard, but he’s so sinister. In fact, he’s ho-ho-ho-horrible! Will Onyx and his friends survive their creepy, crazy Christmas? Find out — when Mr Midnight turns on the holiday horrors!


Mr Mystery #28

James Lee

The Mystery Of  The Troublesome Tailor

WHO murdered tailor Samuel Fong? Was he really an innocent victim? Or was he secretly a criminal leading a dangerous double life? A mysterious coded message is the only clue Alvin Soh has. All too soon it’s clear that Soh & Co are embroiled in one of their toughest, most baffling new cases. Even Alvin can’t be sure he’s got the right answers! What does the secret message really mean? Will Alvin solve the puzzle in time? And where are the stolen Dutch diamonds?


TWINKLETOES is fun, inspirational, educational and simply magical!

Twinkletoes #19:
Undercover Angel

Thomas Koh and Titian

BETWEEN starring in a television miniseries and training for the quarter-finals of the National Championship, Hock Ann is on a roll. Just when things couldn’t be better, one of the living legends in the soccer world shows up to coach and inspire the Morrison High team. After a nail-biting quarter-final, Morrison High teachers Vanessa and Emma head to the hills for the weekend. But instead of having the relaxed time they’ve been looking forward to, they end up helping the police bring down a criminal mastermind.


TRICK OR TREAT? James Lee, Asia’s top children’s author, has a double treat this HALLOWEEN season! There’s MR MIDNIGHT #99. And the second treat: MR MIDNIGHT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION SE#23. Exams are over and it’s time to chill with James Lee books!

Mr Midnight #99 and Mr Midnight Halloween Special Edition SE#23

James Lee

Book #99

STORY #1: Taylor Ong and his friends explore a ruined mansion built on an ancient graveyard — THE HOUSE ON DEADMAN’S HILL. The only problem is, the ghost of its evil owner, Ser Hong Ho, is still hiding inside!

STORY #2: What kind of lump grows under your skin and vibrates? Where does it come from? Can it be cured — or is it supernatural? Lily Rose Zhang has to battle secret forces to save her friend from CRAWLING FLESH. We dare you to discover the terrifying truth!

Book SE#23

WHAT’S the most evil, haunted place in the afterworld? A place where ghosts are more weird, more scary, and more dangerous than anywhere else? It’s called Doomton Abbey — and it’s where dead spirits take kids like Marisa Mun for Halloween. Find out what happens in MY HALLOWEEN AT DOOMTON ABBEY — Mr Midnight’s newest twisted tale of terror.


MR MIDNIGHT must be one of the longest-running book series in the world. This is the 98th book and readers are spoilt for choice. James Lee also pens another Mr Mystery – the 27th! Reading Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery adds a bit of spice to your school holidays!

Mr Midnight #98

James Lee

Book #98

STORY #1: Penny Sng, Kashwin, and Shawn Kwek are trapped in a diving bell. And the deeper they sink INTO THE DARK UNKNOWN, the more horrors they face. Will they ever escape from the ocean monsters?

STORY #2: Dorian Tan and his ghost-spotting friends visit an old abandoned prison with a haunted gallows. There, amid the ghosts of the evil dead, they discover that THE HANGMAN NEVER WAITS.


Mr Mystery #27

James Lee

The Mystery Of The Doctor’s Double

DOES Dr Eugene Chan really have a double? Why is he being impersonated? Is someone setting up the famous heart surgeon for a crime he did not commit? Alvin Soh is in all kinds of trouble. Not only do desperate criminals want Alvin silenced, but the doctor’s beautiful daughter spells even more danger! Who is plotting against Dr Chan? Will Alvin stop a deadly trap? And where is Sergeant Soo when he’s needed?


True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 25

Russell Lee

ARE you worried evil spirits lurk in your home? Russell Lee reveals the many religious rituals used to “cleanse” homes. Also read about “The Cat Man”, the saviour of thousands of cats. The cats repay their hero in the most unusual way. Must-read stories include “Nama Saya Iblis”, Golden Oldies, A Talking Head, Midnight Matchmaker, Taken, Blue Jeans Dream.

“Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories has been a mainstay on Singapore bestseller lists since they hit shelves in 1989.”
— The Straits Times (2017)


True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 24

Russell Lee

IS THE blood moon a sign of the end of the world? Russell Lee investigates. And read about Japanese urban legends that tell of vengeful spirits that slice, dice and slash! Plus, the “Japan’s Sacred Regalia” trilogy reaches a climax. Must-read stories include Arrival At Kallang Airport, “Tian Mi Mi”, Brunei Dollars, The Curse Of Kohinoor, Nasi Lemak Special, Angel Of Hope.

“Russell Lee is Singapore’s most popular writer by a long stretch. His prose is clear and his titles snappy.” — South China Morning Post



RUSSELL LEE celebrates 25 years of storytelling

True Singapore Ghost Stories
25th Year Special Edition

Russell Lee

IN THIS special True Singapore Ghost Stories 25th Year Special Edition, Russell Lee recalls the stories that have charmed and entertained generations for a quarter of a century. This book contains nothing less than the supernatural heritage of Singapore and Malaysia. Read your favourite stories in one special book, and celebrate this milestone with Russell Lee. Well-loved TRUE stories include Teacher’s Pet, The Poor Rich Man, The Third Eye, A-Li-Shan De Gu Niang, Japanese Girl From Hell, The Rich Poor Man, The Si Lang Keng, Tour Packages For Sale and Raphael.

“The True Singapore Ghost Stories speaks to the Singapore psyche.”
— Channel NewsAsia

James Lee Wins Top Award

ASIA’s top children’s author James Lee has won the inaugural “Australian Arts in Asia Awards” for his Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series. See footage of the presentation and speech at the awards ceremony.

Australian Arts in Asia Awards Winner — Literature:
James Aitchison — Mr Midnight / Mr Mystery book series

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