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FLAME OF THE FOREST is setting the book publishing industry in the region ablaze with its phenomenal success.
TIME, in a cover story,
“The Empire Writes Back”
A generation ago, most books were divided between the English and American markets. Now there are English language presses springing up in Singapore, India and everywhere. Fresh novelists are being introduced by Singapore's FLAME OF THE FOREST...
The popularity of Flame Of The Forest titles has extended far beyond Singapore's borders.
FLAME OF THE FOREST has shown a flair for publishing bestsellers...
FLAME OF THE FOREST has established itself as a leading publisher of popular paperbacks.
FLAME OF THE FOREST is taking aim at the world.
There are so many lavishly-designed books on Asian subjects and not all are from book centres such as London and New York. Slick Singapore upstarts like FLAME OF THE FOREST produce world-class designed books.

About Flame Of The Forest Publishing

FLAME OF THE FOREST PUBLISHING has been focused on entertaining readers since its founding in 1989. Its very first book, Russell Lee’s “True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 1”, was an instant hit not only in Singapore but also across Southeast Asia. Now, 33 years and 26 books later, Russell Lee is an icon in Singapore and Malaysia and his “True Singapore Ghost Stories” series has sold over 1.5 million copies!

Russell Lee and Flame Of The Forest have radically transformed Singapore publishing. For the first time, books published in Singapore struck a chord with the majority of Singaporeans. Before the appearance of Flame, books were considered bestsellers if they could sell 3,000 copies. Lee’s sales of 30,000 copies in three months sent hearts racing and observers gasping in disbelief.

Another work, “Excuse Me, Are You A Model?” by 21-year-old model-turned-author Bonny Hicks, also defied received wisdom. Hicks and her tell-all book became the biggest sensation ever in the annals of Singapore publishing, creating countless news stories. Bonny died suddenly in 1997, a victim of a plane crash.

Having developed an almost uncanny ability to publish bestsellers, Flame set its sights at a larger audience, and in 1998, launched “Mr Midnight”, a horror-fiction series for children by James Lee. Mr Midnight even outsold Harry Potter in Singapore and Malaysia. Since its launch, “Mr Midnight” has sold more than 3 million copies! And it has been developed into a TV series for a worldwide audience on Netflix. Mr Midnight fever has spread across Asia and beyond. The series, numbering more than 100, is available in just about every corner of the globe. Spurred by the overwhelming demand, a new series by James Lee, “Mr Mystery”, was launched in 2006. James Lee is now Asia’s top children’s author. The Netflix series, “Mr Midnight: Beware the Monsters!”, won the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 for Best Children’s Programme in Asia.

Flame Of The Forest has launched the careers of many new authors. Damien Sin wrote the “Classic Singapore Horror Stories” series and received critical acclaim from world media such as Time and The Asian Wall Street Journal. Sin also wrote the screenplay to “Mee Pok Man”, the Eric Khoo film that sparked a revival of the film industry in Singapore. When George Nonis did a book of political cartoons, “Hello Chok Tong, Goodbye Kuan Yew” in 1991, bookshops refused to stock the title because of its political content, a taboo topic in Singapore. It was only after the then prime minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong, remarked that he thought George had “a sense of humour” and that the book was “rather perceptive, rather good” that the title began to appear on the shelves!

“Daughters of Asia” by Dawn Tan broke new ground in publishing: Women leaders from 10 Asean countries contributed to a book detailing their life journeys with inspiring accounts of hope, courage and a determination to survive against the odds of social oppression, war, imprisonment and even torture. Her other books are “Broken Mirror”, “Awakenings” and “Khameleon”.

Other authors who have made their mark include Thomas Koh and Titian (“Twinkletoes”), Jonathan Holburt (“Kyuden”), David Brazil (“No Money, No Honey!”), Colin Goh (“Coxford Singlish Dictionary”), and Gail Chua (“Cassandra”).

Flame Of The Forest’s books are a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon that is spreading in ever-increasing circles in Asia and beyond, with Singapore as its epicentre. The company has built on its humble beginnings and grown from strength to strength. It’s now one of the biggest independent book publishers in Singapore and Malaysia and is on its way to becoming a significant player in Asia and the world.

Flame Of The Forest publishes mainly through its imprint Angsana Books.

True to its roots and its very soul, Flame Of The Forest Publishing (Angsana Books) continues to be “a people’s publisher”. Our focus remains entertainment.

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