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WHAT better way to spend the Chinese New Year holidays than to read the latest Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery books. The MR MIDNIGHT series sees the release of a new LUNAR NEW YEAR SPECIAL EDITION, SE#16. Join the millions of readers from all over Asia who love to read James Lee. And don’t forget to buy the copies that are missing from your list so that you can complete your Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery collections.

Mr Midnight Lunar New Year Special Edition SE#16

James Lee

Hong Bao Horrors

CALEB KOH opens a hong bao and finds an ancient curse inside. Before you can say “Gongxi gongxi,” Caleb and his friends are traveling back in time to the famous Shaolin Temple. Can they save the Great Scroll of Shaolin from falling into the wrong hands? Find out — in the luckiest book you’ll read this Lunar New Year!


MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year! These new books are specially for the holiday season. It’s as good a time as any to complete your JAMES LEE collection!

Mr Midnight Christmas Special Edition SE#15

James Lee

The Curse Of The Sinister Santa

CALISTA JEE and her friends meet a sinister Santa Claus at their local shopping mall. And that’s when their horrors begin! The Santa is really a ghost with super powers who places a curse on them. And no matter how hard they try to escape him, the evil ghost taunts them wherever they go. From spooky parks to scary train tunnels, Calista’s holiday horrors keep mounting. Will she and her friends have a happy Christmas?


Mr Mystery Christmas Special Edition SE#5

James Lee

The Mystery Of The Christmas Carol

WHY was a gangster shot on Christmas night? Why was a bank blown up the next day? Why does every new day bring a daring new crime that grips the city in fear? “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — once a popular Christmas carol. Now it becomes a deadly crime wave that pits Alvin Soh and his investigators against the mysterious Bamboo Dragons. What really happened to The Snake? Who is the mysterious Dragonhead? Can Alvin stop the city’s worst crime wave? ONLY MR MYSTERY KNOWS!


TRICK OR TREAT? James Lee, Asia’s top children’s author, has a special treat this HALLOWEEN season — MR MIDNIGHT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION SE#14. Exams are over and it’s time to chill with Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery books!

Mr Midnight Halloween Special Edition SE#14

James Lee

RANDAL CHIN’s first Halloween party is supposed to be fun. But it isn’t! In the darkest corners of the Deadworld, vicious ghosts and lost souls decide to invade it. Soon, Randal and his friends wish they’d never heard of Halloween as ghoulish creatures play trick-or-treat with them! Yes, THE DEAD ARE BACK FOR HALLOWEEN and they’re looking for people like — you!


TIME for holiday reads! Grab the latest Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery books, Asia’s favourite books. Take advantage of ongoing promotions to buy books that are missing from your collections!

Mr Midnight #92 and #93

James Lee

Book #92

STORY #1: Khloe Koh and her friends visit a ski resort in Australia — only to be pulled underground by a gigantic white hand. That’s when they discover a deadly prehistoric world beneath the MOUNTAIN OF TERROR.

STORY #2: Jonas Tong and his friends believe in ghosts. But when they go to the Spooks Exhibition, a shadowy figure called The Skull Man kidnaps them and they meet THE HEADLESS HORROR.

Book #93

STORY #1: Raymond Chew and his friends go down to their local mall — and find the whole complex is full of ghosts. Will they become victims of The Deadmaster and his Droids? Find out what happens WHEN THE DEAD GO SHOPPING.

STORY #2: Safiyah Rahman is a schoolgirl spook finder. She thinks ghosts are fun — until the day she discovers a zombie factory. Before she can save herself, Safiyah and her friends have to save the world from ZOMBIE BRAINS.


EVERYBODY is reading TWINKLETOES. It’s entertaining, educational and inspirational!

Twinkletoes #16:
The Priceless Scrolls

Thomas Koh and Titian

MORRISON principal Billy Chin goes above and beyond the call of duty when Dilton Loh’s father gets into trouble with loan sharks because of his gambling addiction. Dilton and his mother are innocent victims when the thugs demand repayment. Mr Chin, a former elite soldier, steps in to help.
Meanwhile, the Morrison football team is invited to play a friendly match in Egypt! In Cairo, professional thieves attempt to steal a priceless treasure, threatening to kill anyone who gets in their way. Once again, Billy Chin intervenes to keep the artifact from the Egyptian Museum safe.


DOUBLE the danger and twice the terror — James Lee serves up a fright feast for the start of 2016 — Mr Midnight #90 and #91. Join millions of readers on the MM train swinging through all of Asia.

Mr Midnight #90 and #91

James Lee

Book #90

STORY #1: A school holiday trip turns into a nightmare. Sasha Wong and the Xie brothers go for a ride on a paddle wheel steamer — and meet the RIVERBOAT GHOSTS.

STORY #2: Jeffrey Ho believes in ghosts. So when he and his friends visit his aunt’s old haunted shop, they go in search of THE SCARES UPSTAIRS — and find bones, bodies, and a man-eating cockroach!

Book #91

STORY #1: Goh Siew Thiam and his friends visit a house in a jungle, next to a haunted rubber plantation. Are there really ghosts among the dense dark trees? When the friends go exploring, they start screaming — RUN! IT’S THE RUBBER MAN!

STORY #2: Samantha Soong is sure her school is full of ghosts. What happens when she tries to find them? We dare you to read MY SUPER SCARY SCHOOL.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven And Earth

A Singapore Story In Flowers

Dolly Sinha Davenport

DOLLY SINHA DAVENPORT arrived in Singapore as a bride in the 1960s. Settling into her new life and a new home, she was encouraged to pursue her passion in floral design. Being a botanist, she took to the art like a duck to water. She was taught Sogetsu and Ikebana but true to her feisty character, Dolly developed her own pragmatic style — due in no small part to the myriad influences surrounding her in her adoptive country. In this book, Dolly expresses herself through floral arrangements. Her story is intricately tied to Singapore’s — the years after World War II, the fight for independence, Singapore’s merger with Malaysia and its subsequent separation. She was transfixed as she witnessed kampongs give way to a metropolis. True to the spirit of her endeavour, Dolly uses only flowers found in Singapore. The designs reflect a multiracial Singapore. She also draws inspiration from high-rise dwellings, the bygone kampongs and Singapore’s almost 200-year botanical heritage. This book is a Singapore story, told in flowers. And the backdrop is the Singapore story — from the days of Singapore’s founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, to the architect of modern Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew; and from Raffles’ functional botanic gardens to Mr Lee’s vision of “a Garden City”, now evolved into the idea of “a City in a Garden”.


MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! James Lee presents a new
Mr Midnight for the holiday season. And remember to get any missing books in your JAMES LEE collection!

Mr Midnight Christmas Special Edition SE#13

James Lee

Santa And The Evil Elves

SANTA’s elves are supposed to be his “little helpers.” But on a visit to the shopping mall, Nathan Chee and his friends find hideous elves with a terrifying secret. Even Santa Claus isn’t what he seems to be! And before you can say “Ho, ho, ho,” Nathan has to save himself from extreme deadly danger. Don’t miss all the holiday horrors!


True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 24

Russell Lee

IS THE blood moon a sign of the end of the world? Russell Lee investigates. And read about Japanese urban legends that tell of vengeful spirits that slice, dice and slash! Plus, the “Japan’s Sacred Regalia” trilogy reaches a climax. Must-read stories include Arrival At Kallang Airport, “Tian Mi Mi”, Brunei Dollars, The Curse Of Kohinoor, Nasi Lemak Special, Angel Of Hope.

“Russell Lee is Singapore’s most popular writer by a long stretch. His prose is clear and his titles snappy.” — South China Morning Post

K2: The Ultimate Peak

K2: The Ultimate Peak

Khoo Swee Chiow

KHOO SWEE CHIOW takes on his ultimate and most dangerous challenge yet: K2. He is the first Singaporean and first Southeast Asian to summit this mighty peak. Nicknamed the “Savage Mountain” for its remoteness, ruggedness and unpredictable weather, K2 is the holy grail of mountaineering. One in four climbers who attempt it doesn’t return, a death rate six times higher than Mount Everest’s. As if the severe conditions on the mountain weren’t challenging enough, Khoo has to deal with an eye problem that leaves him with blurred vision for part of the way. With death never far on the mountain, it takes calm nerves, a steely focus and a bit of help from nature to reach the summit. This is the sobering, detailed and inspirational account of Khoo’s triumphant climb.



RUSSELL LEE celebrates 25 years of storytelling

True Singapore Ghost Stories
25th Year Special Edition

Russell Lee

IN THIS special True Singapore Ghost Stories 25th Year Special Edition, Russell Lee recalls the stories that have charmed and entertained generations for a quarter of a century. This book contains nothing less than the supernatural heritage of Singapore and Malaysia. Read your favourite stories in one special book, and celebrate this milestone with Russell Lee. Well-loved TRUE stories include Teacher’s Pet, The Poor Rich Man, The Third Eye, A-Li-Shan De Gu Niang, Japanese Girl From Hell, The Rich Poor Man, The Si Lang Keng, Tour Packages For Sale and Raphael.

“The True Singapore Ghost Stories speaks to the Singapore psyche.”
— Channel NewsAsia


GET your kicks from reading TWINKLETOES!

Twinkletoes #15:
Race Against Time

Thomas Koh and Titian

MORRISON’s taekwondo champion Kim Chul Moo might be a martial arts expert, but he’s fighting a real-life battle that he’s losing badly. Meanwhile, Morrison High play a vital match against the fancied Marsiling View Secondary. It’s a match they simply can’t afford to lose. And Leandro and Jasmine take part in The Astonishing Race Singapore, where they compete against the brightest and fittest students on the island. Finally, the Morrison gang find themselves in a desperate race against time to save a child’s life!

James Lee Wins Top Award

ASIA’s top children’s author James Lee has won the inaugural “Australian Arts in Asia Awards” for his Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series. See footage of the presentation and speech at the awards ceremony.

Australian Arts in Asia Awards Winner — Literature:
James Aitchison — Mr Midnight / Mr Mystery book series

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